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Three-Way Defense

StemFLO® delivers a triple-defense response to supporting your body’s ability to naturally renew itself. Comprised of a proprietary blend of all natural herbs and special nutrients, StemFLO® helps support optimal blood flow by providing the following:

1. Digests Fibrin – StemFLO® contains proteolytic enzymes that help digest fibrin and minimize the effect of fibrin buildup thereby ensuring optimal blood flow in smaller blood vessels and capillaries.

2. Reduces Oxidative Stress – StemFLO® contains some of the most powerful antioxidant ingredients available today. By helping to lower oxidative stress, StemFLO® helps keep oxidative damage and fibrin production in check.

3. Helps Detoxify the Body – StemFLO® contains ingredients which have been shown to assist in the elimination of toxins from the body.

The result is a lowering of oxidative stress in the vascular system and an optimization of blood fluidity. By helping to keep the highways and byways of our circulatory system free and clear, StemFLO® supports the smooth “trafficking” of stem cells everywhere in the body.

In clinical studies, StemFLO® was shown to improve blood circulation within thirty minutes of consumption. The study showed increased blood circulation in capillaries as well as substantial reduction in blood markers associated with fibrin production and oxidative stress.